Management Committee

Functions of the Management Committee

The duties of the Management Committee shall include, but shall not be limited to the following:

  1. Overseeing the work and decide on the recommendations of the Sub-Committees and the Coordination Centre Board.

  2. Organizing the training of the staff that will handle Pool interactions.

  3. The development and or review of guidelines for admission of new Members.

  4. Recommend to the Executive Committee admission of new members into SAPP.

  5. Making all decisions on those matters not specifically delegated to SAPP Subcommittees.

  6. Establishing and overseeing the implementation of common accounting procedures for transactions, capacity deficits and energy deficits.

  7. Determining the fees and payments to be made by Members.

  8. Establishing methods, procedures and intervals of reporting scheduled and actual capacity and energy interchanges.

  9. Establishing methods and procedures for accounting and billing for capacity and energy interchanges.

  10. Ensuring the collection and analysis of the data relevant to the operation, trading and planning of the interconnected system and in that regard, the Members of the Management Committee shall ensure that the collected SAPP data is kept confidential

  11. Ensuring that suitable computer hardware, software, and sufficient communication facilities are available at the Co-ordination Centre to perform its duties.

  12. Recommending to the Executive Committee the introduction of new Service Schedules, the removal of any obsolete Service Schedules and the revision, as necessary, of existing Service Schedules.

  13. Inviting other utilities, organizations or experts to Management Committee meetings as required.

Management Committee

Mr.Mbuere ua Mbuere
MANCO Chairperson