Operating Sub-Committee

Functions of the Operating Sub-Committee

  1. The activities and functions of the Operating Subcommittee (OSC) are contained in the SAPP Inter Utility Memorandum of Understanding. The duties of the Operating Sub-Committee shall include but not limited to the following:

  2. Establishing and updating the methods and standards to be used for testing generating units in order to determine their sent out capacity.

  3. Conducting system operational studies.

  4. Establishing and updating the methods and standards used to measure the technical performance (e.g. planned and forced outage rates, mean time to failure, etc) of generating units and transmission facilities.

  5. Establishing and updating the formula for determining the operating reserve obligations of the Operating Members and ensuring that these obligations are met.

  6. Monitoring each Member’s compliance to the declared system peak and accredited capacity obligations.

  7. Updating approved operating procedures for the SAPP interconnected power system.

  8. Monitoring system performance against set criteria.

  9. Ensuring that generation and transmission maintenance schedules of Operating Members are coordinated.

  10. Ensuring that each Operating Member is equipped with or contracts the necessary control gear and ancillary facilities for reliable operation of the SAPP interconnected system.

  11. Recommending procurement of appropriate software and other tools, which will enhance the value of power pool operations.

  12. Determining applicable penalties for non-compliance to approved procedures and enforcing such penalties and upon failure to enforce refer the matter to the Management Committee.