How We Work

Process for obtaining project support

Identification and selection of projects

Project Identification
Project sponsors/Utilities, PAU, Concerned governments, Or by submission

Check in terms of the stage of development:

If already on priority list then already catered for and if not then the project will need to be screened as per the SAPP selection criteria (PDRA).
Check IDA eligibility criteria.


Once screened the appropriate SAPP Committee’s and the SADC Secretariat will be informed
SADC secretariat to help bring the project to the attention the SADC Energy Ministers
IGMOU’s and consent letters will be required

Donors No objection Required

Donors no-objection (initially IDA). This is required for PAU to start activities

Agreement on terms on which funds will be provided

Negotiate and agree on terms on which services of the PAU will be provided
Letter will be sent to Sponsors detailing preparatory support, outputs and timeline.